Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY Chevron Stenciled Rug... { Tutorial }

Ah yes...chevron! I love it and wanted to add a little zing to my back hallway and creating a Chevron Stenciled Rug was perfect! Royal Design Studio had contacted us about trying out their stencils. What perfect timing!

I was able to create this adorable rug with a brown chevron pattern and sweet flower stencil overlay, and it was really fun and easy....

DIY Chevron Stenciled Rug Tutorial

Supplies Needed....

Chevron Furniture Stencil
Japanese Flower Garden B Stencil
Royal Design Studio Stencil Brush
Frog Tape
Acrylic Paint in...Brown, Red, and 2 Shades of Green
Martha Stewart Fabric Medium 

I started by taping off the edges of my plain sisal rug with Frog Tape. I then positioned my Royal Design Studio Chevron Stencil and taped it in place. These stencil are fabulously thick, so I did not need any spray adhesive to keep it in place. I loaded the stencil brush with paint, brushing off the excess per the tips on the Royal Design Studio site. The stencil brush technique was very easy and I got a fantastic result with amazing edges... 

I was already smiling at this point! Look how fabulous it already looked! See those little triangles, yep those are built in to the stencil as registration marks, to help you line up the next one perfectly. How easy is that!? I kept on stenciling until the entire rug was done...

Love! The lines are crisp and the Frog Tape along the edges kept it from bleeding onto the trim of the rug. Now, I was ever so tempted to stop at this point.....but.....

Nope! I wanted to add these adorable little flowers in the corner on top of the chevron! So, after the chevron stenciled rug was completely dry...

I stenciled these adorable flowers on top of the chevron in colors of red and green! The flowers were large and really easy to work with. The edges turned out perfect, even on top of the already stenciled rug.

I really love how this rug turned out....so much so, I will be doing another one for the other end of the hall in the same pattern. This hallway is the major "roadway" of our home and this fun rug really gives a happy feeling to the hallway!

A Big "THANK YOU!" to Royal Design Studio for allowing us a chance to try out these amazing stencils! 

If you would like a chance to try your hands at stenciling, stop on back by later this week...we will be hosting a sweet giveaway! 

Click Here for the Stencil Giveaway!

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  1. so cute!!! This looks amazing! I once spray painted a rug, but the paint just wore off after awhile. I think I need to try the fabric paint idea. I see so many cute painted rugs online, time to try. Love yours!

  2. It looks great Bonnie!! Very cute! I'll definitely be back to enter that giveaway!! :)

  3. Love it ladies! I have 2 rugs that need stenciling... where to find the time? lol

  4. LOVE it! What a great hall space too!


  5. Good to know!!! You did awesome, by the way:)

  6. You make it look easy - that hallway is gorgeous by the way! Love the project and maybe I will have the hutzpa to try it now. By the way hutzpa is approved by spell check! Ha!

  7. looks fabulous! I've seen some tutorials that don't use the textile medium with the acrylic paint so I'm wondering how it affects the sisal? Also, is that the larger or smaller sisal rug from IKEA? that's the exact one i want to stencil